Becoming a Freemasons

We follow a centuries-old tradition that started with the guilds of stonemasons in medieval times and evolved into an influential organisation that welcomed a broader membership in the 1700s in England. Today, Freemasonry is more relevant than ever, giving men support to navigate changing times and become the best they can be.

Freemasonry is an international movement with over six million members worldwide but it works very much within the local community.

Freemasons Tasmania Warmly Welcomes Adult Men Of All Ages, Races, Religions, Cultures And Backgrounds. We Are Keen To Encourage The Next Generation Of Freemasons Who Will Help Take The Organisation And Its Valuable Traditions Into The Future.

In earlier times, Freemasonry was secretive about its operations and that gave rise to all sorts of bizarre rumours and misunderstandings. Today we are much more open about our role in the community and we share information to show we have nothing undesirable to hide.

Freemasons Are Ordinary Men
Inspired By An
Extraordinary Legacy

The Process Of Becoming A Freemason

Express Your Interest

Express your interest to a Freemason or complete the ‘Start a conversation about becoming a Freemason’ form. We will then talk to find out more about each other and ensure Freemasonry is the right choice for you. 

Lodge Acceptance

Once your application has been accepted, you will be assigned to a suitable Lodge.

Initiation Ceremony

Your commitment – and our commitment to you – starts with an impressive initiation ceremony.

'The Work'

You will then undertake a structured program of self-development known as ‘the work’. This involves various allegorical rituals and you progress through ‘degrees’.

Many Famous Men Through History Have Been Freemasons - From Mozart To Winston Churchill, From Benjamin Franklin To Peter Sellers, From Isaac Newton To Oscar Wilde, From Joseph Banks To Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder Of Apple)

What Is Freemasonry All About?

Freemasonry has evolved over the centuries. It had its roots in ancient Egypt and was active as a ‘trade organisation’ for stonemasons in medieval times. Over the past three centuries, it has become a life inspiration for men from all walks of life who want to make more of themselves, to support each other and to enhance their communities.

It is founded on a system of knowledge that uses many ancient symbols and stories to pass on its humanitarian values and timeless wisdom.

The tradition provides values that transcend materialism and complement the codes of all great faiths.

For the increasing numbers of people who have an innate belief in a Supreme Being but are not overtly ‘religious’, Freemasonry gives life a deeper dimension of meaning.

You can rest assured that the bizarre conspiracies theories you read on the internet are not true.

Becoming A Freemason

Find out more on the next steps and what’s involved.

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